2020 BEST Robotics Competition

Weekly Team Meetings

Tuesdays & Thursdays, 3:45-5pm (Currently ONLY digital meetings)

2020 Competition Overview

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BestMania component

Weekly team trivia & challenge (can participate together or individually)


Each week, there is a lesson posted on BESTology that is related to the current season's BEST challenge. Take some time to check out these lessons and resources.

Lesson 1: Building Blocks Lesson 2: Spread of the Virus

Microrobots Surgical Robots


Simulink software is required to program your VIRTUAL Robot and enter provided configuration files for the Outbreak VIRTUAL Game Field for the Robot Performance and Autonomous competition activities.

You can still participate in the Simulink Workshop Series at your own pace with online links to 5 recorded (August) class videos and the file repository. Get a preview with a video teaser here.

The BEST Simulink Summer Workshop Online Series introduces students to programming robots using MATLAB and Simulink. Students learn how to program mobile robots for BEST Robotics using MATLAB and Simulink through this series. Each class adds on to the previous week’s lesson. No MATLAB or Simulink experience necessary. Each class is 45 minutes long and between class homework is suggested.

MathWorks software is required for the workshop. REQUEST Complimentary MathWorks software at this LINK. The Matlab/Simulink software may take several days for approval and it takes time for the download. Install it and install Robotics Playground from Add-ons Explorer.

Video of each class with the following topics. (Link to a page with all video links or use the individual links below.)

Class 1 LINK

  • Introduction to programming using MATLAB

  • Programming basic robot movements

Class 2 LINK

  • Introduction to robot simulations using Simulink

  • Programming interactive robot controls

Class 3 LINK

  • Using a distance sensor for autonomy

  • Creating custom functionality

Class 4 LINK

  • Task sequencing with flow diagrams using Stateflow

  • Programming of maze-solving robots

Class 5 LINK:

  • Hardware basics

  • Transferring Simulink models to robot hardware